Acer ‘Acer Rewards’

Acer Inc. is a multinational hardware and electronics corporation with an annual turnover over $10 billion dollars.



Ultimate Edge were tasked with creating a digital media campaign to:

  • Communicate the Acer Rewards program to consumers in a way that made it clear what they were being offered
  • Attract registrations for Acer Rewards and ultimately build a loyal community for Acer to re-market to
  • Create an ‘incentive mechanic’ to catch consumers who may not be in a purchase mindset during the campaign in order to re-target them later contextually.



We took a two-pronged approach to digital. The main objective was to generate awareness of the programme which in turn drove interest and traffic to the site.

Our media ‘touch points’ included programmatic partnerships, tech review sites, EDM communications, search and social, which were used in an integrated way to achieve key results.

Timing was a key factor in the campaign because it was critical to tap into back-to-school opportunities as well as additional purchasing opportunities leading up to Christmas. As a result, we conceptualised and executed the campaign in a very short timeframe.



Thousands of consumers registered for Acer Rewards at a great cost-per-acquisition.

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